Month: December 2020

Solving The Problem Of Illegal Digging

The problem of illegal digging  has become a huge drain on the state government both in terms of  unbudgeted resources that could be better utilised elsewhere and of course the erosion of the aesthetics of the environment. How Can This Problem Be Solved? First there is need for the state government to invest in CCTV […]
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The State Of Lagos State infrastructure management

There has been a growing concern in Lagos State about the state of infrastructure management. There have been various issues raised by stakeholders and even the Lagos State government. Some of these issues bother on quality of infrastructure maintenance, public safety and of course adherence to and maintenance of global standards. The Lagos State Infrastructure […]
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Guidelines For Infrastructure Permit

LIST OF APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS TOWER/MAST Soil Survey Report Foundation Details Structural Drawings (Of Tower/Mast) Title Documents/Proof of Ownership(for Owned Site) Proof of Agreement ( for Leased/ Rented Site) Consent Letter from Community Association Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate Electronic Copy of Structural Design Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA ) Clearance LIST OF APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS […]
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