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The Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA) is a one-stop shop for the regulation of Utility Infrastructure within the geographical boundaries of Lagos State. Our functions are but not limited to:

i.                     Establish standards and procedures for constructing lines and laying of cables across public lands and property;

ii.                   Construct and co-ordinate schedules among utility service providers in Lagos State;

iii.                  Supervise the use, repair, resurfacing and construction of damaged roads in Lagos state

iv.                 Monitor the erection of towers, masts or laying of cables within the State in the interest of Public health and safety;

v.                   Keep track of the various systems using the public right of way to prevent interference among facilities;

vi.                 Reduce damage to public utilities.

LASIMRA has the power to

  1. Issue permits for use of right of way to all telecommunication operators and other utility providers within the State;
  2. Disconnect and dismantle cables and other infrastructure laid or erected without obtaining the necessary permission from the Agency;
  3. Authorize any officer of the Agency to inspect any infrastructure for the purpose of determining whether it complies with the provisions of the LASIMRA Law and regulations.

Section 135 of the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) gives LASIMRA the power to regulate and control  the installation, laying and maintenance of any network facilities within the State.

“135. Licensees under this Act may require approvals of the State Government, Local Government or other relevant authority for installation, placing, laying or maintenance of any network facilities on, through, under or across any land and it shall be the responsibility of such licensees to obtain such approvals.”