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Prince Elegushi Oyekanmi

General Manager/CEO Lasimra


Elegushi Oyekanmi is a highly accomplished individual who has excelled in multiple fields, including law, politics, real estate, and fintech. With a strong focus on property law, he has established himself as a renowned lawyer with extensive experience in the legal domain.

Before his appointment as the Executive Secretary/Legal Adviser at the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) by the Governor of Lagos state in 2020, Elegushi Oyekanmi ventured into the real estate business and fintech space. His diverse background has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of various industries.

Having served a successful tenure at LASWA, Elegushi Oyekanmi was appointed as the Executive Director at Ibile Holdings Limited, a position of great responsibility. His exceptional performance and proven leadership skills led to his subsequent appointment as the Acting Managing Director at Ibile Holdings Ltd. This short but highly successful tenure further showcased his potential and demonstrated his ability to drive growth and success.

Currently, Elegushi Oyekanmi holds the esteemed position of General Manager/CEO at the Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA). With his vast knowledge, experience, and proven track record, he is dedicated to leading LASIMRA to greater heights of success while contributing to improved utility infrastructure management within Lagos state.

Elegushi Oyekanmi’s dedication, competence, and ability to excel in multiple fields make him an exceptional professional who continues to make significant contributions to society